We believe that a grand story envelops the entire universe. This story is God’s story and it has been given to us through the Bible. We believe that the authors of the Bible were inspired by God’s Spirit to record God’s story so that all humankind may interpret and participate in the story as led by the Spirit of God.

In the beginning, God, the creator of all, made all things good. God made humankind in God’s likeness to be in relationship with God and each other and to care for and cultivate the earth. Humans, being drawn away from God, chose to pursue life apart from God and as a result evil and darkness entered creation.  The result of this event caused our relationships with God, each other, and creation to be broken and in desperate need of repair.

In order to rescue creation, God chose a people, Abraham and his descendants, to be a nation out of which a messiah, savior, would come. This savior would restore our communion with God, bring justice and peace, and establish God’s kingdom on the earth.

We believe that Jesus Christ is this savior, the Son of God. He is central to God’s story and rescuer of all creation.

In Jesus’ birth, God came among us bringing hope.

In Jesus’ life, he taught us how to live by loving God and others.

In Jesus’ death, he sacrificed himself so that we may be forgiven of the wrongdoing and cleansed from the darkness that entered humankind’s hearts and souls because of the fall of the first humans.

In Jesus’ resurrection, death was defeated and the way to heaven was open granting life with God beyond this life.

By sending the Holy Spirit, God’s people both as individuals and God’s appointed community, the Church, are empowered to live in the way of Jesus; loving all, seeking justice, showing compassion and granting grace and mercy.

In Jesus’ future return, he will complete God’s restoration of the universe, right all wrongs, bring all things to God’s original intent, and establish a kingdom of endless love and peace.

The Church as a community of Christ-followers is committed to encouraging and supporting the spiritual journey of each other and those with whom we come in contact. As recipients of God’s grace, we are called to be agents for redemptive change in the local and global community. We believe the Church should engage in activities and practices that improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of all humankind.