Every day we face issues and make decisions that will affect our future. Everybody’s looking for answers to guide them through the grind of life. That’s where our Huddles come in.

Every Wednesday evening after our Worship service our students gather in Huddles. 24.7 Huddles are small groups of students who want real – real relationships, real direction, real accountability, real growth, and real answers.

Students and their friends meet with some of 24.7’s best leaders to tackle the tough issues. All you have to do to be a part of a Huddle is show up.


We encourage & challenge our students to have daily devotions. We have devotional books that are available at 24.7 and we handout weekly devotional sheets every Wednesday night.

JV – Grades 6-8

JV students will survey both the Old and New Testament over their 3-years of middle school. Their devotions and Sunday morning Bible study is centered around each years theme.

Year 1 – The Life of Christ
Year 2 – Community: The New Testament Church
Year 3 – Character: Old Testament People

2018-2019: Year 1 – The Life of Christ

This 48-week study takes students on a year-long chronological journey with Jesus as they study the prophecies about Him; His birth and early years of life; His miracles, teachings, and ministry; His relationships here on earth; His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension; and His promise to return.

Don’t miss this opportunity. It will be life-changing!

Lesson Topics

  • Old Testament prophecies about Him
  • Events surrounding Jesus’ birth and young life
  • Jesus’ ministry, including His miracles and parables
  • Jesus’ interactions with various people
  • Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, and ascension
  • Jesus’ coming return

Get the 48-week foundation devotion book at 24.7 for $12

Varsity – Grades 9-12

We challenge our Varsity students to read a chapter a day during their 4-years of high school. They are several ways to join us as we read the Bible together. The Bible App, printed guideline  or through a devotional book. The App and printed guideline is free. Each devotional book is designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study. Quarterly devotional books are only $10

Fall 2018

  • September: Mark
  • October: Luke
  • November: Romans
  • December: Galatians thru Colossians
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