For optimal security in the children’s department, we have devised a check-in/check-out system to account for each child’s coming and going in Cosmic City.


Upon arrival, each child should be checked in at the Cosmic City Welcome Desk to the left of the Cosmic City double doors.  Here, they will each receive two stickers—one to adhere to their shirt and one for the parent or guardian to use to pick up the child following the service. Children will not be released without the parents’ sticker, so hold on to it!

Parents may take their children to their classrooms to get them settled.  At 10:30, the Cosmic City double doors will be closed and locked to maintain security.  If for some reason parents need to check on their children, a guest pass may be issued by the Cosmic City Welcome Desk volunteer.


Following the service, each parent or guardian (no siblings or any other relative, please) who is picking up a child, should enter the line at the Cosmic City double doors.  The volunteer will take your sticker and call the name of the child to the teacher in their classroom.  Parents are to wait at the double doors for their child to be brought out to them.  This method for picking up the children has been established to limit chaos in Cosmic City, but also to ensure that the children are going home with the proper parents and guardians.  


Upon signing up your children in Cosmic City, they are each assigned a number in our database. Should your child have a problem or need to be with you during the service, the number corresponding with your child (located on the sticker they are given at the check-in desk) will be put on the screen in the sanctuary to alert you. Your child will be waiting for you at the check-in desk, along with a volunteer.


For the safety of each child, our volunteers undergo a criminal history background check. Only those who pass the background check are permitted to work in Cosmic City with our children.  Each volunteer is given a basic training for each area where they work. Our main focus is serving the Lord and allowing people the opportunity to share the love of God with our children.  Our wonderful team of volunteers is happy to lead your children in learning about our Savior and His love for us and to help Him them develop a personal relationship with Him. Each person on our team is handpicked and has a deep love for God and a desire to share this love.